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  2. Your Username: Dr.VodkaGMOD Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:159274612 Current Rank: User Time Played: 200+ Time Zone: GMT +2 Rank Being Applied For: Trial Administrator Permissions: there are no super admins so none Previous Staff Experience: i have worked as a mod here in this server for two+ months and as i said in my other applications i have tremendous experience with being a staff member in many servers that i made and other big servers of other people Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: i server as a moderator two times each for more than a month, i have been active on the server when needed and when not, lately i haven't been as active but that was because the server is offline, when the server does come online i will continue playing as normal. i have done my duty and my job perfectly as a mod and i think that to expand my possibilities and my potential i deserve this rank. Additional Info: no
  3. i like your cut also g
  4. Definataily +SuS i can see that you are really mature and will do the job best
  5. Does pretty well on the Gmod server. Has promise +support
  6. Your Username: Wasnt Your Discord name and tag:Wasnt#2051 Your Real Age:19 Current Rank: nun Time Played: 1k seconds Time Zone: CT Rank Being Applied For: Admin Permission from: Owner Previous Staff Experience: All of them Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: Cause im sexy When are you most active (S,M,T,W,TH,F,S) : 24/7 Additional Info: I like hentai but only on tuesdays
  7. Cursed_


    CursedServers is holding a competition for the best builds. We want to see your best build and there will be rewards. such as First Place Prizes A custom hoodie with (name of choice on back/color of choice) saying comp winner and our branded "lowkey" tag on left sleeve with cursedserver logo on seem of hoodie bottom. A Vip Rank In CursedServers Minecraft server for life. A survival impurity crate key. 10k in server money build added to spawn of creative with credit's signs Second Place Prizes Vip Rank In CursedServers Minecraft server temp 20days 5k in server money (2) Survival Infernal Crate keys Third Place Prizes Vip Rank In CursedServers Minecraft server temp 10days 1k in server money (1) Survival Infernal Crate Key Rules: all build must be done by you only All votes/comments must be done in forums Must Invite One Person To Participate be nice Please add the invited persons username in a reply to this topic
  8. Its all good, I think my name is TheWeirdOne202 if I am correct.
  9. Ah man i worked so hard to get everything that i had. oh well i guess whats done is done, my username is DrVodka2.
  10. I am sorry to inform you that the Survival portion of the Minecraft server has been reset due to bugs. I will be compensating all with Seraphim crate key [1] and 5k in game money for rewards please reply to this post with MC name and i will contact you Again Truly Sorry About This Set Back Please Decide To Stay With Us Through This Endevor Swear It Will Get Better Regards - CursedServers
  11. Before deciding, I'd would like to see you on the server some more and see how active/helpful you would be. / neutral
  12. Really want to see more time put in on the minecraft server, But still think you would be good +support
  13. Your Username: DrVodka2 Your Discord name and tag: .Dr.Vodka.#8592 Your Real Age: 15 but mature Current Rank: user Time Played: about 4 or 5 hours when the server was modded and about 10 hours as it is right now Time Zone: GMT +2 Rank Being Applied For: Moderator Permission from: None Previous Staff Experience: I have Moderated and have been the owner of many Minecraft servers and they have been really succesfull Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: i have been mod on the gmod server and i wanted to show my dedication and help the community on the minecraft server as well When are you most active (S,M,T,W,TH,F,S) : Mostly Friday And Saturday but if i will be able i will try my best to be active for as much time as possible Additional Info: I am Belarusian From Israel, I know Hebrew Russian And English and i hope that i can help this community grow. Did you read our rules thoroughly and understand them? If so, please type "Yes. I agree": Yes. I agree
  14. Your Username: Dr.VodkaGMOD Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:159274612 Current Rank: User Time Played: about 40 hours Time Zone: GMT +2 Rank Being Applied For: Moderator Permissions: all of the admins in the server Previous Staff Experience: i have Moderated and Owned Tons of different Gmod servers and i have also been mod on this server Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: I am sure that i deserve this rank because i have already been moderator on this server and i am sure that i can continue being as helpfull and as productive as i was before. Additional Info: I am 15 years old but mature, I am Belarusian From Israel, i Know Hebrew Russian and English
  15. Cursed Minecraft Server Rules Last Updated: 1/28/21 All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a friendly, respectful manner. Respecting players means that players should not create negative experiences for other players. *First Offence=Warning. Second Offence= Temp Ban (1 day). Third Offence=Perma Ban.} Behavior: ⦁ Discrimination -negative comments related to skin color, gender, or other personal qualities. ⦁ Overuse of bad language ⦁ Trolling players ⦁ Insulting other players in any way ⦁ Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players ⦁ Falsifying information about other players ⦁ Sharing another player’s personal information without their permission ⦁ Media Advertising - posting links to YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat etc (Unless you had permission by a staff member to do so) ⦁ Spamming - More then 2 or more messages ⦁ Intentionally avoiding the chat filter ⦁ Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences ⦁ Advertising giveaways, other servers, or social media. (in Lobbies, Discord, and forums) Cheating and Exploiting (If caught doing the following below will result in a perm or temp ban) ALL players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploiting. Unfair advantage means that players should not get interrupted during games for any of the reasons below: ⦁ Encouraging cheating ⦁ Exploiting ⦁ Autoclick / Macros ⦁ Cross teaming ⦁ Team griefing ⦁ Disallowed Mods ⦁ Stats Boosting ⦁ Staff Abuse Sensible, Creative and Artistic Content We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as drawings, item names, skins and capes, which are created by players. Sensible Creative and Artistic means that players can express themselves with interactive parts of the server, however the User’s have the right to not be exposed to certain content, please refer to the list below for content that should be reported to staff. ⦁ Inappropriate Drawings/Buildings - e.g racist or sexual imagery ⦁ Inappropriate Item Names - e.g racial slurs or sexual phrases ⦁ Inappropriate Pet Names - e.g racial slurs or sexual phrases ⦁ Inappropriate Housing Plot - e.g Housing plot themed around sexual imagery ⦁ Inappropriate Item Usages - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases using hats,signs ⦁ Inappropriate Skins and capes - e.g racist or sexual imagery ⦁ Inappropriate Usernames - e.g racist, sexual or impersonating ⦁ Inappropriate Guild Names or Tags ⦁ Inappropriate Discord names and/or pictures
  16. Cursed_


    Get on the server people
  18. Minecraft Report Format Seeking to make a report on a player or staff member? Follow the directions below. Please use the following format when posting a report. If you fail to use the proper format and/or lack sufficient proof, your report will be denied immediately. Your goal is too include as much information and evidence in your report as possible. An excellent way to ensure this is to take screenshots, video, and etc., of any abuse. Ban Information can be found here: Bans Our Staff List can be found here: Staff List Staff VS Staff Informational Cases that will be denied will include: Verbal conflict / occurrences Non-Intense Threats (I'm going to call a higher admin on you, etc are not major threats) Low Forms of Harassment (He or she is following me around in game, he or she is trying to get me in trouble) Accidental Occurrences (Stole sit member by accident) Reported actions deemed childish and a waste of time. These are all considered "Non-Major" cases and should be handled on the spot. Insufficient proof to criminalize the staff member(s) in question Cases that are acceptable: Abuse, power abuse, in any way shape or form, that ruins players games or our sever dismantles the gaming environment period. Major Threats including, but not limited to, Hacking, DOX'ing, etc... Ignorance to rules, policies and procedures. Repeated harassment to an extreme level. Just remember, when you post a staff report, consider how the community and our staff reflect. Posting a report on another staff member should be absolutely used as a last resort. If these rules are not followed, further consequences will occur to the reporting party up-to-and including suspension, and/or termination from staff. Reporting staff IS NOT A JOKE. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Format: Their Minecraft Name: Your Minecraft Name: Your Discord Name: Date/Time: Reason for report: Details Of Abuse / Rules Broken: Proof: Additional Info:
  19. MINECRAFT STAFF APPLICATION FORMAT - READ BEFORE POSTING Minecraft Staff Application Format Application Format Last Updated 1/24/2021 Initial Requirements if you do not meet the requirements for the rank you are applying for, DO NOT APPLY *FOR ALL RANKS* You MUST have a working microphone and you'll need to be an active member of our Discord and Community Moderator: 100 Hours server time You MUST have a working microphone You need to be an active member of our Discord Fairly active on all platforms, mainly in-game Fairly well known among community member --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trial Administrator: 200 Hours server time 3 Super Administrators+ permissions If applying early: 2 Council+ and 2 Super Admin+ permission Must have served as Moderator for 60 consecutive days Permanent Administrator: 300 Hours server time 3 Super Administrators+ permissions If applying early: 2 Council+ and 2 SA+ permission Must have served as Trial Administrator: for 60 consecutive days By applying for this rank you fully agree to waiting as long as necessary in the rank, regardless of your current performance, till acceptable slots are made available to prevent detrimental over saturation of authority. If you are one of the people who are going to complain about purposefully being held back because you rather break rank integrity by over encompassing a level that does not retain enough purpose to support you in the first place and in order to supplement your own aspirations, please do not apply past this rank. We want to make sure everyone is able to perform and showcase their skill set in a reasonable and equal opportunity environment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Double Admin: 4 Super Administrator and 2 Council+ permissions If applying early: 3 Council+ and 4 SA+ permissions Must have served as Permanent Administrator: for 60 consecutive days --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Admin: 3 Council permissions and one Sudo permission. Minimum of 3 Council+ votes for acceptance. If majority SA agree on the same outcome (yes or no) their votes will count as one Council vote Must have served as Double Administrator for 90 consecutive days --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Council: This rank cannot be applied for You must be invited by SUDO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application Rules You must be 16 years old or over You MUST have a working microphone and you'll need to be an active member of our Discord and Community. You are required to put a poll on your application with the options of "YES" and "No". Do not set a "automatically end poll" date and time, leave that area blank. Your poll MUST BE PRIVATE. If you would like to post on an application, please include a Positive Support, Negative Support, or Neutral identification. A majority of SA+ support is required after 24 hours of an application for acceptance. You may apply no more than 3 days before expiration date without needing "early application" permissions. If you have already served the required amount of days consecutively, then you do not need to wait (I.E A moderator who has served 90 days, applying for T-Admin). Contact a Council if there's an issue regarding this. You are free to re-apply for your current position to extend expiration times on the above ranks. If your Moderator application has been denied for whatever reason, you may not reapply for at least 14 Days from your denial date. This means you may apply for any other rank renewal below the one you were denied for, past the rank of Moderator (I.E T-Admin denial straight to a Moderator renewal with no delay) When applying for promotion, if denied, you must wait 30 days before applying for promotion again with no chance of early permissions. If you have previously been demoted from a Staff Position (whether it was a full demotion or just from Admin to Mod, you must wait a minimum of 30 Days Failure to follow any of the above rules, or the below format, will lead to instant denial of your application Application Format You shall add a PRIVATE poll to your application with the only voting options being YES and NO. DO NOT advertise your application, or it could be DENIED. Use the full proper format, or it will be DENIED. Format w/ Private Poll --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAFF APP Your Username: Your Discord name and tag: Your Real Age: Current Rank: Time Played: Time Zone: Rank Being Applied For: Permission from: Previous Staff Experience: Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: When are you most active (S,M,T,W,TH,F,S) : Additional Info: Did you read our rules thoroughly and understand them? If so, please type "Yes. I agree":
  20. Ban Appeal Format & Rules Banned from one of our servers? Do you wish to appeal said ban? Read below and post a thread accordingly - it will be reviewed by a Council+ Please use the following format when posting a ban appeal. If you fail to use the proper format your request will be denied instantly. Disclaimer: If your Ban Appeal has been denied, you must wait 14 days before creating another appeal. Valid permanent bans may only be appealed once. You may create as many denied appeals as you want until it actually gets accepted and you then get re-perma'd, at which point no appeals may be made for the second permanent ban. The Ban Wipe classifies as a successful appeal Council have the power to create exceptions on a per-player basis by majority vote if deemed plausible. If you are on your second permanent ban, you may ask a Council for permission to appeal. Do not message Council+ considering the results of your Ban Appeal unless you exclusively require further insight. Drama, arguments, etc. will just be ignored. Most bans under 24 hours (1 day) will not be reversed unless made by a Staff Member error. Any bugging / nagging / whining of a Staff Member to review your appeal will lead to denial of said appeal. Please note that ban times can be INCREASED beyond what was originally given. This usually happens if you are blatantly lying or the ban itself was too short given your offenses. In past cases, bans have been tripled, quadrupled, and even squared. Do not try to lie. You may not appeal an expired ban if more than (roughly) a week has passed since your ban date. All decisions are final. Ban Appeal Format: (Must be filled out completely or you will be denied) Minecraft Name: Discord Name & Tag: Name Of Admin: Reason For Ban: Length Of Ban: Date & Time Of Ban: Why You Should Be Unbanned: Have You Appealed This Ban Previously?: Additional Details:
  21. pls add a normal inventory system, the current one is buggy and shit. just add the normal inventory that opens when you hold C and you can put guns in your inventory by holding CTRL and pressing E
  22. In Ban Appeals, only Council, Super Administrators, Double Administrators, those involved, and those with useful insight on the situation towards denial/acceptance may post. Useful insight is defined as comments that change the landscape of the appeal and/or absolutely needed to be said. 99.99% of the time Council do not need virtually anything to be said, revealed, and etc. Whether or not your comment is "useful" is not up to you at all, and only up to the SA+ viewing. Comment at your own risk. This section is like a "sit-room" for the forums; outcomes are not voted upon like applications. This is not the place for detectives or personal feelings, it is a place where evidence and facts will speak for all. Please refrain from posting unless you are contributing to the situation at hand. Furthermore, if one person tags the people involved or reminds the original poster of the format, that is ok, but any subsequent tags/reminders will result in a ban. Thank you for your understanding.
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